Gestalten Sie Ihr persönliches Heimkino

Wir verbringen oft viel Zeit damit, über die verschiedenen Komponenten unseres Heimkinosystems nachzudenken, machen uns aber nur selten Gedanken darüber, wie sich die Einrichtung des Heimkino Raums auf unsere Fähigkeit auswirkt, unser Heimkino und unsere Filme ohne die zusätzliche Ablenkung durch die Wände im Raum oder andere Dekorationsmerkmale zu genießen. Wenden Sie sich an die Experten, wenn es darum geht, das bestmögliche Seherlebnis zu schaffen. Gehen Sie einmal ins Kino und sehen Sie sich an, wie der Raum vor Beginn des Films dekoriert ist, und achten Sie während des Films auf die Dinge, die Sie am meisten ablenken.

Cinemas make a lot of money creating an experience that goes beyond just showing movies. The first thing you will probably notice is that most cinemas do not allow outside light into the room. In fact, most theaters also have very little artificial lighting. You might see some wall sconces and some chasers (which can be made brighter or dimmer) on the sides, but rarely will you notice an overhead light that comes on before the movies start running. For this reason, basements or indoor rooms with no windows are the best choices when it comes to choosing the location for your home theater. If that’s not possible, try to find blackout drapes or drapes for your windows to keep the sunlight out as much as possible. Heimkino Vorstufen kaufen

The colors they chose for the walls and the type of lighting they use are carefully chosen to enhance this experience. I’m sure you’ll find that most theaters use darker colors for their walls. Many use fabric to cover the walls so the glossy paint doesn’t reflect the light from the canvas. In your home, you can opt for textured or matte colors to avoid possible reflections. You should also be careful not to use shiny floor coverings, which could also reflect the light back onto the screen. For this reason, carpet is a good choice for your home theater flooring.

You should also make sure that your home cinema has comfortable seating. With proper seating for you and your family to spread out on, you’ll find that you’re spending far more time together and enjoying your investment than if you found the seating stiff and uncomfortable. I also suggest special seating arrangements for smaller children that give them a special place and leave no room for doubt as to which seat belongs to whom. Not only do you want a nice, comfortable space for your little ones, but you also want a nice area for the adults to relax in.

Ich empfehle, dass Sie auch einen schönen Vorrat an Snack-Tabletts für die Zeiten bereithalten, in denen die Situation es verdient, und viele Leute haben Mini-Kühlschränke und Mikrowellen (für Popcorn natürlich) in ihrem Heimkino, so dass sie nicht sehr weit reisen müssen, um einige großartige Erfrischungen während der Werbespots oder Pausen in der Aktion auf der großen Leinwand zu genießen.

While there is no one-size-fits-all home theater, there are many extras that can enhance your home cinema experience and make it even more enjoyable for everyone involved. Take the time to decide what features you can add to make the space more suitable for you and your family who enjoys watching movies and TV, and opt for those features rather than trying to create a “ standard“ that doesn’t really exist when it comes to home theaters. The most important thing you can do is create a space where you feel comfortable watching movies and TV as a family. When you achieve this goal, you will have a home theater that will likely be the envy of those around you.

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